Loan Application



How can I improve my chances of getting a loan?

  • Ensure you are meeting your loan repayment agreements with other financial institutions (if you have other loans)
  • Carry out more transactions with us. You can do this by increasing your deposits and using our alternative channels (ATM, USSD, UnionMobile App, UnionOnline etc.)

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What are the benefits of taking a new loan after the existing one ends?

  • You become eligible for a 20% discount on interest rates and a 3 months’ tenure extension

Terms and conditions apply

Who is eligible for a loan?

  • A salary earner receiving a minimum of N15,000 monthly
  • A pensioner receiving a minimum pension of N10,000 monthly
  • A business owner

How can I apply for a loan?

For pre-approved customers

(Please note, you will be contacted if you have been pre-approved for a loan)

  • Simply log onto our online banking platform or Mobile App
  • Dial *826*41#

For all other customers

What benefits do I gain if I repay my loan without defaulting?

  • You are eligible for up to 3 months’ instalment refund when you repay on time

Terms and conditions apply

I am having issues meeting up with my loan repayments?

  • We can reschedule your loan to make your repayments easier

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Can I use my investment with UBN (fixed deposit or target savings product) to access quick cash?

  • Yes, you can. Get up to 80% of your investment as a cash-backed loan and enjoy flexible repayment options

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