Agribusiness Solutions

Agribusiness Solutions

The new agribusiness focus of the bank is to have an integrated and comprehensive value chain approach in a way that enables the bank to lend to all the segments of the agriculture value chain with little inhibition.
The bank is boosting its corporate and commercial value chain lending to support the strategic agriculture development objectives of the FGN as well as other development finance institutions, regional and international intervention organizations. The bank intends to consolidate on its successes in lending to the agriculture sector in Nigeria.

Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS)

  • Provide access to credit/loan facilities to agricultural enterprises at
    competitive rates
  • Improve sustainability and debt servicing capacity of agro allied
  • Access to single digit interest rates

Anchor Borrower’s Programme (ABP)

  • Create economic linkages between smallholder farmers and reputable
    large scale processors
  • Provide assurance for the supply of agricultural raw materials to
    processing industries on a sustainable basis
  • Assurance of market for smallholders
  • Reduction of post-harvest wastages and losses
  • Increase capacity utilization by processing firms

Export Stimulation Facility (ESF)

  • Facilitate production of agricultural produce with high export value
  • Improve access of agricultural exporters to concessionary finance
  • Increase level of revenue generated from agricultural products

Nigerian Incentive Risk Sharing and Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL)

  • Provide re-risked agricultural lending to the agricultural value chain
  • Reduced cost of borrowing
  • Provide improved access of agricultural exporters and foreign operations to agricultural enterprises