Account & Cash Management Solutions

Union Bank Accounting Solution

Account and Cash Management Solutions 

We have a wide range of products to help customers manage their Business effectively and efficiently. We can help you streamline your processes, optimize your funds and automate everyday tasks, resulting in cost-effective management of your cash.
Ways we can support your cash management needs :

Online Banking Service: Union 360

  • Effectively provide a 360o view of account information and manage
    electronic payment through an internet banking platform
  • Single view of relationship within the bank; loans, investments, collections etc.
  • Access to real-time balance and transaction information
  • One-off and bulk-payments from your corporate accounts
  • Provides a secure messaging platform

Payments and Collections

  • Effectively manage your everyday banking activity of making and receiving
  • Payments
  • Offer your customers secure and simple collection options
  • Provides enhanced information to enable you improve account

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Optimize and effectively manage your working capital and surplus balances with our extensive range of liquidity management products and services.
  • Attractive returns on your accounts
  • Efficiently manage surplus funds

Corporate Accounts

We know that the smooth running of your business relies on having access to a bank account that provides you with an extensive range of services to support your everyday banking needs

  • Union Accelerate
    ✓ Zero Account Maintenance Fee
    ✓ Unlimited transactions
    ✓ Earn competitive interest rates on balances.
    ✓ No turnover restriction on accounts
    ✓ Free cheque book
  • Union Accelerate Dollar
    ✓ Reduced transfer fee for your FX transfers
    ✓ Earn competitive rates on account balance